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Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning. The cash provided by life insurance ensures that your family continues to live the same lifestyle in your absence.


The medical treatment costs are increasing day by day.A change in your health should not bring a change in your family’s lifestyle. Your medical emergency should not become a financial emergency thus depleting your savings and corpus. The various types of health insurance are:

1. Individual Health Insurance Policy

2. Family Floater Health Insurance Policy

3. Personal Accident Cover


We assist our clients in determining the amount of life insurance cover needed to protect the family’s needs.

There are various types of Life insurance plans with different features available in the market.

Depending upon each individual’s needs and requirements we suggest the type of Life insurance plans.

Also we help our clients with the claim settlement process as and when the claim arises.

We insist all our clients to buy a good health plan with maximum benefits. Thus preventing them from turning a medical emergency into a financial emergency. We ensure that the health care needs of the clients entire family is taken care of without depleting their savings and compromising on their future goals.